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PE water and gas supply pipes

May 24,/2022

PE pipes are widely used in the fields of water supply, gas supply, drainage and cable protection.

PE resin is polymerized of ethylene. Different density PE resins are polymerized on different condition of pressure and temperature. There are high density polyethylene , middle density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. It should select different grade resin to process different PE pipes according to it’s relative application condition and also has different requirements of extruder and mould
Usually , the materials of PE are categorized into five grades as PE32, PE40,PE63,PE80,PE100. The main materials for water supply and gas supply pipes are PE80 and PE100.
PE water supply and gas supply pipes are ideal substitute products of traditional steel pipes and PVC pipes in the field of water supply and gas supply.
Features of PE pipes;
1.Good hygienic property: it doesn’t add heavy metal salt stabilizer into raw material in production which is non-toxic, non-scale and bacteria resistant. It is a good solution of secondary pollution of urban drinking water.
2.Excellent corrosion resistance: it can resistant to the corrosion of many chemicals except a few strong oxidants and no electrochemical corrosion
3.Long service life:PE pipe can service safely for more than 50 years under certain temperature and pressure
4.Good impact resistance: Good toughness, high impact resistance. It will not break when heavy things move over PE pipes
5.Reliable connection performance:the strength of hot melt and electric melt joint of PE pipes are higher than PE pipes and joints will not break due to soil movement or overload
6.Good construction performance: light weight, easy welding process, convenient construction and low cost of projects

Pipe connection:
1.Electric melt connection: it adopts electric melt welder to connect pipes and fittings together. Mostly for pipes below 160mm
2.Hot melt connection: it adopts butt welding machine to connect pipes together. Mostly for pipe bigger than 160mm
3.Steel and plastic connection: it use flanges and screw thread
Urban water supply networks
Urban and rural drinking water pipelines
Liquid transportation in the fileds of chemical industry, chemical fiber, food, forestry,dyeing, pharmaceutical, light industry, paper making,metallurgy
Agricultural irrigation pipes
Telecommunication and electrical cable protection pipes
Mine mortar conveying pipe

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