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What should we do if the pressure of the aluminum extruder is not enough to work normally?

Feb 20,/2020

The pressure of aluminum extrusion press is not enough, which link has a problem? “The solution to this problem is written in the form of an article, hoping that friends who have doubts about this problem will find it helpful to your work.
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First of all, check whether the pressure displayed on the pressure gauge of the aluminum extruder is the same as before (the pressure gauge should be normal) and whether anyone has touched it, causing the pressure to drop.
Check the relief valve setting problem again. The system pressure can be adjusted. It should be adjusted downwards and then upwards. During adjustment, it should not be adjusted violently. Care should be taken not to exceed the rated pressure to see if the pressure changes. If it is sensitive, it should be no problem. It is necessary to doubt whether there is any problem with the seal in the oil cylinder, resulting in two chambers of oil string. The sealing ring can be disassembled and replaced.
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If the adjustment does not work, it should be suspected that there is a problem with the relief valve. The problems with the relief valve include: oil leakage, stuck valve stem (stolen goods) or blocked cutting hole. It can be disassembled for inspection and diesel oil cleaning. Of course, it needs to be replaced if it is broken. If there is a problem with the pump, it is also possible that the pressure is not enough, so it is very difficult to repair the pump. At this time, you can consult a professional extruder manufacturer.